Sarah Bessey writes of being “Beloved Warriors”

March 25, 2014

Sarah Bessey, author of Jesus Feminist, shares a compelling blog post about a new label she has given herself, one she is offering for consideration to all women: beloved warrior. From the opening question (“Who do you think you are?”) to the biblical justification for why we are all beloved, Bessey’s blog post is a powerful invitation to stand proudly as beloved warriors.

“Your true identity is this: you are a Beloved Warrior. Start there. And then we live out our lives and our callings, the seasons and roles, the challenges and the victories, the healing and the mourning, from a deep well of love and freedom and wholeness – because we are. Creation tells you that you are created, called, chosen, made in the image of God as a warrior. Jesus tells you that you are loved, you are free, you are redeemed, you are beloved. Even – maybe especially – our imperfect, contradictory lives are singing a beautiful prophetic song of invitation: you are so loved.”

Read Sarah’s post here.



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