Sexual Abuse Uncovered in Fundamentalist Baptist Churches

December 15, 2018

During the last week, journalist Sarah Smith published the results of her investigation into sexual abuse in fundamentalist, ultra-patriarchal, independent Baptist churches. Her report, appearing in the Forth Worth Star-Telegram is eye-opening.

In a pattern right out of the (also ultra-patriarchal) Roman Catholic church playbook, many abusers were simply moved from one church to the next, never facing any kind of justice.

Christian feminists must continue to illuminate how religious institutions with all-male power structures, in which leaders are implicitly understood to be more aligned with God because the divine is conceptualized as male, can be very dangerous places for women and children.

Read this important article here.


posted by Le Weaver

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  1. Thanks for alerting us to this important article in the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram. And thank you to Sarah Smith for her investigative reporting.


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