The Spirit of All Flesh – #FaithFeminisms

July 28, 2014

Last week Rev. Jes Kast-Keat headed up a really great group blogging adventure.  Tagged “#FaithFeminisms,” this blog link-up featured some real gems.  We’ll be presenting a few of them this week, starting with Kast-Keat’s post, “The Spirit of All Flesh.”

“Being a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus and being a feminist work hand in hand. I look at my congregation each week and I come to the pulpit as a woman who stands up confidently with authority, knowing the church’s elders and deacons have laid their hands to ordain me. I come to serve, I come as a leader, I come to care for the people of God, and I come as a woman. This last part is not optional; it is essential.”

Read the post here on her website, Faith + Feminism.

posted by Marg Herder

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