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Now we know that some of you are probably squinting your eyes and asking yourselves, “What’s a Feed?” Allow us to direct you to Google’s “Feed 101” page for a great discussion of the topic.  Basically, when you combine a website’s RSS Feed with a Feed Reader (like Feedly) you can get new website content delivered to you, without having to constantly check the website to see if anything new has been posted.  The content is, in effect, pushed to your Feed Reader.

Feed Options:

Primary Christian Feminism Today Subscription
Most users will want to subscribe to this feed. It will provide updated content when a new post is published in any of the following categories:
Book Reviews
Christian Feminism Basics
FAQ Blog
Link of the Day
Music Reviews
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Reta’s Reflections
Untold Volumes
Where She Is

Christian Feminism Today Podcasts (Separate, not included in the Primary Feed)
Audio recordings of sermons, lectures, and other presentations of interest to Christian feminists brought to you by EEWC-Christian Feminism Today.  Listeners can also subscribe to Christian Feminism Today podcasts on iTunes.  Just search the iTunes Store for Christian feminism to find our listing.

Link of the Day Only (Link of the Day posts only) 
Links of interest to Christian feminists, selected and annotated by Christian Feminism Today contributors.  Link of the Day is also available as an email subscription.
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Reta’s Reflections Only (Reta’s Reflections Bible study posts only)
Reta’s Reflections posts are also available via an email subscription.
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Untold Volumes Only (Untold Volumes poetry posts only)
Untold Volumes poetry posts are also available via an email subscription.
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Where She Is Only (Where She Is blog posts only)
Where She Is posts are also available via an email subscription.
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