Teen Vows: Girls will Change the World

February 20, 2014

She may only be 13, but Jules Spector is aiming high with hopes to end child marriage and underage prostitution abroad as well as pushing for equal rights for our LGBT friends here at home. She is also planning to take down popular media portrayals of women as sex objects and simultaneously lifting up women as serious competitors in science and engineering fields.

Audacious? Perhaps. But she has a plan: getting teenage girls involved in learning about who they are and not being ashamed of being a woman. So far, she’s doing well and garnering attention from more than just her middle school classmates.

At any given moment, all movements are only one generation away from ceasing to exist if they do not reproduce themselves or pass on the proverbial baton, we feminists with a little more life experience than Jules can breathe a bit easier knowing that our younger sister means business.

Read the article here.

The link featured here is from the website, Mashable, and its content writer, Rebecca Hiscott, who was able to interview Spector for the story. But don’t miss Jule’s blog itself: Teen Feminist.

posted by Corbin Lambeth

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