That is You

by Jennifer Pratt-Walter

Mountains and blue sky in the distance, looking over a patch of lavender plants

I looked out upon the white-cloaked mountain
and All that is Holy, She said “That is you.”

I lay in the shade of a towering maple
and All that is Holy, He said “That is you.”

I played tag with the ocean’s waves
and All that is Holy, They said “That is you.”

I danced with the fire by night
and All that is Holy, We said “That is You.”

I held an old, old kitty as he breathed his last breath
and All that is Holy, the One said “That is you.”

I wept with a lost refugee
and All that is Holy, the All said “That is you.”

I saw my reflection in a deep still pool
and All that is Holy, I said “I see now — I am You.”

Jennifer Pratt-Walter
Jennifer is a Unitarian Universalist Wiccan Crone making her way to understanding the Big Things by scrutinizing the small and overlooked. She has three grown children and a husband. She has been a lifelong resident of Washington state and currently lives in Clark County.



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