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The Humble Gathering Registration and Subscription

It’s important to us that no one be turned away due to lack of funds.  To that end, a variety of subscription levels are available.  Need more information? Click here to get support.

1. Please fill out the form below completely.

After you fill out the form, click the submit button. After a second or two, you will see a green bordered message box telling you the form has been sent successfully.  Other message boxes indicate an error, and will tell you what you need to correct before you try the “Submit Registration” button again.  Please submit one form per person.

2. After your successful form submission, use a PayPal button to pay for your subscription.

Your registration is not complete until your PayPal payment is received.

Registration for the series is accomplished by purchasing a series subscription. From now until August 15, 2021, you can subscribe to the entire second season for a discounted rated.

Three different levels of subscriptions are offered to fit your budget.

  • Sponsor: $229.00 (This level is for those who can afford to help cover discounted or scholarship registrations.)
  • Regular: $159.00 (This is the normal registration rate for the series.)
  • Discounted:  $99.00 (This level is for those who cannot afford the regular registration rate)

When you subscribe you will have access to all the upcoming events, as well as all the first season presentation archives. You do not have to have a PayPal account to pay via PayPal.

If would prefer to pay with a check, simply tell us that in the comments of the registration form below.  We will contact you to arrange payment. Checks should be made out to Christian Feminism Today and sent to EEWC-CFT, PO Box 78171, Indianapolis, IN  46278.

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    The Humble Gathering Season Two Logo

    Subscribe to the second season of The Humble Gathering.

    Your subscription is not complete until payment is received.  Questions about payment?  Contact us using the support form.

    Sponsor $229.00

    Regular $159.00

    Discounted $99.00