Why the Third Way is the Worst Way

August 5, 2014

Amaryah Shaye, a Candler School of Theology graduate, writes for the Women in Theology website.  In today’s featured post she argues against the “Third Way” paradigm.

“The ‘draw’ of the third way comes primarily through its mode of narrating the world: It is a frail and broken world where people are unkind to one another, hurt one another, and increasingly polarized. It is a world where people’s ideologies position them into one of two camps. Either for ‘this thing’ or against it. Each side wants to say there is no middle ground, no nuance–that it is black and white. But, the third wayer reveals to us, this is a false image!”

Read “A Reasonable Violence: Why Third Way is the Worst Way” on the Women in Theology website.

posted by Marg Herder


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