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Untold Volumes

Untold Volumes Call 8 – Fall 2023

Our eighth call for poems opened on September 1, 2023, and closed on October 13, 2023. We will endeavor to notify for this round by November 15th, 2023.

Our ninth call will likely open in September of 2024. Check this page and our social media around that time for more information.

All submissions to Untold Volumes are evaluated by anonymized peer review. Over the first seven calls, we accepted roughly 22% of submissions received. Poems considering aspects faith, including Christianity, Islam, Judaism, other faith traditions, and an interfaith approach are welcome. Send us your revisionism and remembrance, celebrations and speculations, doubts, fury, psalms, midrash, epistles, orisons, and any other poetic explorations of feminist religious thought. Traditional and experimental forms of poetry are welcome.

Texts in languages other than English, accompanied by translation, will be considered.

We have a preference for poems willing to ask difficult questions and engage with challenges from both theology and contemporary religious practice.

Poems should be original works that have not been previously published. If selected, poets grant CFT non-exclusive rights to publish poems on the CFT website and in an anthology. All other rights revert to the poet.

Do NOT include your name anywhere in the document. Please save your document as the title of your poem ONLY, DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR NAME ANYWHERE. Example of correctly saved document for a poem with the title Wild One: “Wild One.docx”, “Wild One.pdf”, “Wild One.doc”

Prospective poets may submit 1-3 poems to the poetry editor, Bethany Lee, via this form. Preferred formats are Word docs and PDFs for text-only poetry and 300 dpi JPGs for graphic poetry.

Accepted file types are:
images in jpg, jepg, gif, and png formats
documents in doc, docx, and pdf formats.
There is a 2MB limit per image/document.