We Need to Talk about David Haas

August 24, 2020

The sexual abuse allegations that have recently come to light against composer David Haas have left many progressive Catholics reeling. Some Catholic music publishing companies have already cut ties with Haas, and his work is already being removed from hymnals and is no longer being used in Mass at many Catholic parishes.

In this Link of the Day taken from the National Catholic Reporter, author Jamie Manson, encourages a conversation around the understanding of gender within Catholicism and how this understanding impacts these types of sexual abuse allegations.


posted by Dr. Katie M. Deaver

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  1. Thanks for posting this Link of the Day to Jamie Manson’s column in the National Catholic Reporter.

    Yes, the idea of women and men having different roles (complementarity) definitely empowers the male elite in the Roman Catholic Church to abuse women, sexually and otherwise. Men in power–priests, bishops, archbishops, and the Pope–try to silence persons of all genders by claiming that to talk about sexual abuse is “gossip” and threatens the Church.


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