When Mystery Knocks

by Jennifer Pratt-Walter

Black door and brass handle and lock

You feel like you’ve been waiting forever
but instead of a robed savior, it’s the Unknown
easing onto the porch and knocking.
Just turn on the light—
awareness of the Question is your first offering.

Greet and smile, invite Mystery in for tea
and conversation. Dance a let-it-be kind of dance.
Become friends, for someday, you will
come to know each other deep as velvet,
intimate as all that has ever been born.

Read the deep calm of your Night a poem like this.
Do not be afraid— to be is to become even more.

Jennifer Pratt-Walter
Jennifer is a Unitarian Universalist Wiccan Crone making her way to understanding the Big Things by scrutinizing the small and overlooked. She has three grown children and a husband. She has been a lifelong resident of Washington state and currently lives in Clark County.


  1. Thank you for this thoughtful poem. I like the ‘awareness of the question’ idea as the first step. And then the ‘let it be kind of dance’ as a next idea. I often approach a situation first with a question, and I am learning to let go and let it be, which helps the solutions to move forward.


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