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Returning to Yourself

Returning to ourselves is not some huge, life changing decision or action. It’s not a one-off, or something that happens to you after some kind of crisis, though there’s nothing like a good crisis to shake us out of our complacency. Returning to ourselves is something that must happen over and over again. If we are brave enough, we make it a practice. Continue reading

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Backlash Against What?: RFRAs and Bathroom Bills

[The LGBTQ backlash is] “about outdated concepts like spiritual hierarchies and binaries, as in ‘this group is saved, but this group is damned.’ Outdated concepts like a magical book in which every inerrant word is completely applicable to the present time, even though is was written thousands of years ago in a very different cultural context. Outdated concepts like a hierarchy of sins, some to be overlooked, some to be unforgivable. Outdated concepts like a strict gender binary in which people assigned to one gender at birth lead and make decisions, and all the other people exist to serve them.” Continue reading

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The Embodiment of God (Fast of Embodied Solidarity)

We keep getting stuck. We keep getting stuck in the concept and tradition of God as we learned it. And in doing so, we miss the chance to experience the living God, that deep inspiration that can transform us, body and soul. Continue reading

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2016 #GCNConf – First Timer Reflections – Kirsti Reeve

My 22-year-old self, from two decades ago, just coming out, convinced that I could not be lesbian and evangelical, would have lapped up everything the GCN Conference had to offer and hungered for more. At age 46, with a faith community that embraces my wife and I as family, with a 21-year relationship that has so many miracles and evidence of the tangible presence of God in and through our love, and with a faith practice that tends more toward the mystical and contemplative, this event was less “needed” for me, but more a confirmation, eliciting gratitude that the work is still being done. I’m grateful that the space of GCN exists for those people who do desperately need it, for whom the weekend was spent in tears and overwhelm, and who can, hopefully, leave with a little more of a belief that they are loved and accepted by God and by others just as they are. Continue reading

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2016 #GCNConf – First Timer Reflections – Bastian Bouman

When those in my group started talking about their hopes and dreams for future relationships and discussed models of relationships, I realized I’d made a huge mistake. The Side B people I had dismissed were exactly the people I’d been looking for. In all the months I’d been looking for answers and options, looking for a path to follow, I had, out of misplaced derision, overlooked the people most likely to have already blazed that trail ahead of me. Continue reading

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2016 #GCNConf – First Timer Reflections – Sam Koster

I worshiped in a community of strangers that felt like family. I cried in front of a crowd of parents who held me in their arms like I was their own child. I felt like I was being given a glimpse of what heaven feels like, or maybe what I hope heaven feels like: open arms of strangers full of love and grace. Continue reading

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2016 #GCNConf – First Timer Reflections – Jann Aldredge-Clanton

As I listened to people’s stories, my heart ached over the pain they have suffered from denunciation and rejection by church and family, and I felt inspired by their courage in claiming who they’re created to be and working to liberate their churches from homophobia and unjust, unloving actions. Continue reading

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