Women’s History Month 2016 — Photos

March 14, 2016

March is Women’s History Month.  Some people like to read their history, but others learn more by looking at images.  We’ve put together a list of some sites with great images celebrating all kinds of women’s issues, women’s history, and women photographers.

There are so many more we could have listed.  Feel free to share your favorites in the comment section!

Check out the womenshistorymonth.gov photo gallery here. (There are many more interesting resources on womenshistorymonth.gov.)

For the scientifically inclined, how many of these women of science can you identify? (Hover your mouse over the images to see a caption.  Page takes a few seconds to load, please be patient.)

“Women Striving Forward” features many photos of suffragettes.

“Women of the Civil War period” is a collection of photos by famed photographer Matthew Brady.

How about some photos BY women?

Frances Benjamin Johnston was one of the first female photographer’s to become well known.

Overview of women photojournalists in the United States.

Contemporary photographers using their art for social change.

Ecuadorian photographer Paoloa Paredes took a series of photos while coming out to her family as a lesbian.

South African, Zanele Muholi, bills herself as a visual activist. View her Instagram photos here.

Masha Demianova is a feminist photographer working in Russia and Eastern Europe. View her website here.

Liora K, a photographer working in the United States writes, “In March of 2012, when I started witnessing all the attacks on birth control, abortion rights, equal pay, and retractions of protections for survivors of domestic violence, I wanted to see an artistic response.”  And she provides a STRIKING response here on her website.


Posted by Lē Weaver.

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