Elizabeth Esther Writes About Recovery

May 13, 2014

Elizabeth Esther shares her thoughts about being addicted to chaos, which seems to afflict not only those who grew up in fundamentalist environments, but people from many backgrounds and experiences.  In the post Esther addresses her own desire to be honest, rather than good, and the challenges of living in perpetual chaos:

“It’s taken a lot of therapy, but eventually I’ve realized that I’m addicted to intensity. Even though I hated The Crazy, at least The Crazy was comfortable. I understood it. I knew what to expect. And even though I could see how living on this razor-sharp edge would eventually kill me, I preferred The Crazy.

“This is how you know you have a problem: you keep returning to The Crazy even though you know it will kill you.”

Read the post on Elizabeth Esther’s blog here.


Casey O'Leary
Casey O’Leary is a writer and children’s librarian. She is passionate about reading and helping children find the “perfect book.” In 2012, she fulfilled a dream by completing her master’s degree in library science from Indiana University. Casey blogs at After the Closet and is a frequent contributor to Christian Feminism Today.


  1. Loved this line:

    “As I wrote in my book, Girl at The End of The World, I heard this story somewhere that when you ask God to move a mountain He says “OK!” And then He hands you a shovel. In other words, you gotta do the work.”


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