Saturday, February 16, 2019
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If you ask Janene Cates Putman to name a few of her favorite things, she’s quick to reply “theology, feminism, and the gift of gab.” In this monthly blog, Janene weaves these topics together in a series of interviews with fascinating feminists of faith.

What She Says presents people of diverse backgrounds, ages, theology, sexualities, and ethnicities. By showcasing the impact made by courageous women who have overcome obstacles and pursued their vision, Janene hopes to encourage all of us to follow their examples. Read more here.



Cindy Wang Brandt - Photo by Amedee Photography

An Interview with Cindy Wang Brandt

I don't feel like people give parents enough credit and an important enough of a role. Parents are critical to every social justice movement, because they have kids and children are radical, radical hope.
Wil Gafney

An Interview with Rev. Wil Gafney, Ph.D.

Some people would like it to be the case that all of the horror of individual specific biblical passages disappears if you just translate them well enough, or interpret them well enough, or use the right hermeneutics. But sometimes the text is itself horrifying. And that doesn't go away with anybody's culturally-cued hermeneutic.
Jennifer Knapp

An Interview with Singer-Songwriter Jennifer Knapp

I’m resisting language in many ways and I’m seeking to find that language that expresses something more. At the end of the day, I don’t think what we do changes who God is, but what we say about it changes how people view God.
Linda Kay Klein

An Interview with Author Linda Kay Klein

Particularly if you're a girl or a woman, you are taught that you need to protect everyone else by your purity because men and boys are easily sexually tempted. So girls and women have to be responsible for the sexual purity of the whole community, essentially.