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ViewPoint is a blog in which different writers express their personal perspectives on various topics of current interest. It’s a blog of many voices.

ViewPoint is a forum for discussion. The Latin word forum referred to the ancient Roman public square, where people assembled to address matters of significance. That’s what we want ViewPoint to be.

ViewPoint differs from the comments sections that follow each new article, review, or blog entry posted on our website. Whereas comments are responses to specific posts, ViewPoint essays stand on their own and can address anything the writer is thinking about if the chosen topic would be of interest to Christian feminists.

ViewPoint also stands apart in another way. There’s a change of writers from post to post, unlike our other blogs which feature the same “regulars” in ongoing presentations or conversations. In those blogs, authorship is kept constant, whether they are written singly (for example, Reta’s Reflections) or by a team of two or three writers (FemFaith and, earlier, 72-27)

In other words, ViewPoint is much like the op-ed page of newspapers, the page printed opposite the editorial page and existing for the express purpose of sharing opinions. Although ViewPoint articles are generally written in a more informal style than the other articles on our website, they must still conform to strict editorial standards. ViewPoint posts must also be original and exclusive, not reprints from another online or print publication.

To submit a piece for consideration please read our writer’s guidelines.

ViewPoint posts should be understood to represent the views of the author of each post, and not official positions of the organization.