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Current Fundraising Campaign

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Membership dues and pledges don’t cover all the costs involved in running the organization, so from time to time, we ask for support from our CFT members and friends. Donations made from this page are tax deductible, as is any contribution to Christian Feminism Today.

Current Fundraising Campaign Details

Our current fundraising campaign will support our Christian Feminism Today website.

Producing and maintaining a large, magazine-style website like Christian Feminism Today is quite an undertaking and requires the work of many skilled people.  Even though our authors generously volunteer their time and talent, there are still many expenses associated with CFT’s web presence, including: website management, website technical administration, social media integration, content editing, website hosting, domain name registration, website security, comment moderation, image and application licensing, and more.

Can you help by providing funds to keep things running smoothly?

Your $55 donation keeps the website running for a day.
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Scroll down to learn some interesting facts about the website and its content.

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It costs $55 per day to keep the website working.
One week, $385.
One month, $1,700.

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If you would rather mail in a check or money order for your donation, please mail to this address:

Christian Feminism Today Office
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A few interesting facts about the website:

  • In 2020, our website was visited by around 90,000 people looking for information about Christian feminism and progressive Christianity. Those 90,000 people read about 120,000 pages.
  • As of now the website consists of almost 1,900 pages, posts, poems, articles, and reviews.
  • The oldest article online was written in 1978 by Nancy Hardesty, a recap of the 1978 conference. The most recent piece is a poem about God’s preferred pronoun published on August 9.
  • In the last year 30 different authors contributed more than 50 new pieces for publication.
  • CFT has had three content managers since its inception in the 1990s: Letha Dawson Scanzoni, Le Isaac Weaver, and the current manager, Dr. Katie Deaver.
  • Keeping the website fresh, functional, and secure costs approximately $20,000 per year.

What are people reading?

The most popular content on the website, by far, is Reta Halteman Finger’s Bible study blog, Reta’s Reflections. But two of Reta’s other articles are also very popular, including this one, coauthored by Mark Mattison about First Corinthians 11:10-15, and this article explaining the word “Kindom.”

Le Weaver’s article about “Calling God She” is the most-read article so far in 2021, with their “Forgiveness and Boundaries,” the first post in the popular ViewPoint blog, also in the top fifteen.

Letha Dawson Scanzoni’s work also lands in the top fifteen articles, including her article about Elisabeth Elliot and her piece, coauthored with Anne Linstatter, listing inclusive language music resources. A couple of the FemFaith posts by Letha, Kendra Weddle, and Melanie Mock are still getting quite a few views, even though it’s been over eight years since they were published.

Special Gift

The first 20 people donating $50 or more will receive five CFT notecards as our special thank you gift.  (Pictured below, blank inside.)


Questions about this fundraising campaign? Ask us by using the office contact form.

Your Support is Appreciated

Christian Feminism Today invites you to support our mission by making a tax-deductible contribution to the organization. Your donation supports our efforts spreading the biblical message of love, equality, and strength in diversity.

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