Saturday, May 27, 2017

Current Fundraising Campaign

Support CFT’s participation in the 2017 Gay Christian Network’s WomenConnect Retreat and the Mother Eagle Award

Breathe life into our mission!

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Virginia Ramey Mollenkott receives the Mother Eagle Award
Virginia Ramey Mollenkott, accepting the 2016 Mother Eagle Award.

For years Christian Feminism Today has been one of the best kept secrets on the planet. In 2013 we made a commitment to change all that by:

• Being a part of the Christian feminist conversation on the web via our website and social media outlets.
• Having a visible presence at major progressive Christian and evangelical events.
• Partnering with other organizations that share our vision of “equality and inclusiveness through God’s expansive love.”
• Continuing to provide outstanding educational and reference content on our website and at our conferences/gatherings.

Membership dues don’t even begin to cover all the costs involved in running the organization and maintaining the website, so from time to time we ask for support to fund a special project. Donations made from this page are tax deductible, as is any contribution to Christian Feminism Today. Funds you donate from the buttons on this page will be spent on the project listed below.

The first 30 people to donate $50.00 or more will receive a signed and numbered print of Marg Herder’s piece, “Wrapped in Stillness.”  Read more about this piece on the Giving Tuesday page.

thermometerg4dSupport CFT’s participation in the WomenConnect Retreat and the Mother Eagle Award

Help us bring our feminist message of empowerment and radical welcome to the 2017 Gay Christian Network WomenConnect retreat.  Your donation will also support the new Mother Eagle Award, created to honor the women who have taken the lead in courageously advocating for LGBTQIA equality in Christianity.

The first recipient of this award, presented jointly by GCN and CFT is Virginia Ramey Mollenkott.

Please consider donating today.If you would rather mail in your donation, please mail your check to:

PO Box 78171
Indianapolis, IN  46278

Your $50 donations qualifies you to receive our special thank-you gift, a signed and numbered 8 x 10 print.
(16 needed
Questions about this fundraising campaign? Ask us by using the office contact form.

Your $500 donation pays for this year’s Mother Eagle Award, including the costs associated with the video-taping of Virginia’s acceptance speech, and the award itself. (1 needed)

$300 pays for travel and hotel expenses so Marg Herder can attend the conference as our CFT representative.
(2 needed)

$100 pays for handouts and feminist books to be given to WomenConnect attendees.
(5 4 needed)


Your Support is Appreciated

Christian Feminism Today invites you to support our mission by making a tax-deductible contribution to the organization. Your donation supports our educational outreach to people around the world with the biblical message of love, equality, and strength in diversity.

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