How to Help the Growing Female Prison Population

April 14, 2015

“Women’s prison systems are moving away from gender-specific programs and toward trauma-informed programs. This is a better way to approach female offenders, since even conservative estimates tell us that about half the population are victims of trauma. Though relational theory might sound to some like “psychobabble,” it begins with professionalism, which is needed across the board, regardless of gender. Making prisons humane institutions is good for everyone since prisons are where you go as punishment, not for punishment.”

Read this important article on the Scientific American Mind Guest Blog by Dr. Mary Ellen Mastrorilli, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Associate Chair of Applied Social Sciences at Boston University.


Lē Isaac Weaver
Lē Weaver identifies as a non-binary writer, musician, and feminist spiritual seeker. Their work draws attention to: the ongoing trauma experienced by women and LGBTQIA people in this “Christian” society; Christ/Sophia’s desire that each of us move deeper into our own practice of non-violence; and the desperate need to move away from an androcentric conception of God.


  1. This is a very informative post that helped me to understand a little more of the prison system and women in that system. Thank you.


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