Writer’s Guidelines

The Christian Feminism Today website addresses topics of interest to Christian feminists. It features articles, opinion pieces, reviews of books and recordings (audio and video), interviews with Christian women and men who live according to Christian feminist principles and promote gender equality, love, and social justice among all people.

We welcome submissions for consideration. For all submissions, please send manuscripts and queries in the body of an email to Dr. Katie Deaver at cftwebsite [at] eewc [dot] com; in the subject line, put “Submission” and the department to which you are submitting. Although we prefer submissions by email, if you must use the mail, send your manuscript or your query, along with a SASE, to EEWC-CFT, PO Box 78171, Indianapolis, IN  46278.

Responses to manuscripts and queries will be made within six weeks, often sooner.

Christian Feminism Today must be the first publisher of all material submitted, so please don’t send work previously published on the web or in hard copy.

While we love the contributions writers make to our publication, we are unable to pay at this time.

Untold Volumes: Feminist Theology Poetry:  Poems considering aspects of Christianity, other faith traditions, or an interfaith approach are welcome. Both traditional and experimental forms of poetry are welcome. Submission guidelines are here. If you have any questions, email: cftpoetry [at] eewc [dot] com.

Link of the Day: A team of writers produces and posts the Link of the Day feature. Link posts are 50-200 words and feature a link to a web article or blog post of interest to Christian feminists. If you are interested in applying to work with this team, please send an email to cftwebsite [at] eewc [dot] com and request more information.  We’re always interested in adding new content creators, and this is a great way to get your foot in the door at Christian Feminism Today. If you have an idea for a link to feature, don’t hesitate to send it to us.

Articles: These are longer pieces, between 1000-3000 words, that consider topics significant to Christian feminists. The essays can be personal or investigative, but must rely on the trademarks of good essay writing: having a strong beginning, middle, and end; showing, rather than telling; focusing on the individual as a means of understanding the universal; having a clear understanding of purpose and of audience. Submissions failing to connect with our audience because of theme, content, or tone will not be considered for Christian Feminism Today.

Blog Posts and Opinion Pieces: These are generally shorter pieces, between 600-1200 words, that consider current events significant to Christian feminists. This type of post will be published on the ViewPoint blog.  These pieces are tightly-focused arguments written with a clearly defined position and clear support for the writer’s claims. Submissions failing to connect with our audience because of theme, content, or tone will not be considered for Christian Feminism Today.

Book Reviews: Book reviews are 700-1500 words. Generally, we review books published within the last year, although occasionally, we might accept reviews of older titles. If you are unsure whether the book you wish to review would appeal to our readers, make sure to query first!

Poetry Book Reviews: Untold Volumes welcomes book submissions from authors or publishers. We review poetry books that grapple with feminist theology from any faith tradition or an interfaith approach, chapbook or full-length. Traditional or experimental forms of poetry are welcome. To consider a book, Untold Volumes will require a copy of the book in print or digital form. Receipt of book does not guarantee a review. We do not review self-published work at this time. To submit your book, please fill out our book review submission form.

Music and Movie Reviews: Audio and video reviews are generally 700-1500 words. We are interested in reviews of music and movies of interest to Christian feminists, no matter their release date, so reviews of older material are welcome. If you are unsure whether the music or movie you wish to review would appeal to our readers, make sure to query first!

Blogs:  If you are interested in authoring a new blog on Christian Feminism Today, or moving your existing blog to Christian Feminism Today, please send an inquiry to cftwebsite [at] eewc [dot] com.  Include links to several recently published works, letters of reference from at least three active Christian feminist bloggers, a thorough description of your work and how it is be relevant to the Christian Feminism Today readership.