The Invisible Backpack of White Privilege

February 16, 2015

From the humor website Timothy McSweeney’s Internet Tendency comes this piece, “Product Review: The Invisible Backpack of White Privilege from L.L. Bean.”

Funny, but not so funny at all.

“The Invisible Backpack of White privilege can occasionally get pretty heavy. Its one design flaw is a hidden zipper compartment on the bottom containing anonymous multitudes slaughtered in the name of Western Civilization, yet I have no idea who these people are or where they come from.”

Read the rest of the article here.


Lē Isaac Weaver
Lē Weaver identifies as a non-binary writer, musician, and feminist spiritual seeker. Their work draws attention to: the ongoing trauma experienced by women and LGBTQIA people in this “Christian” society; Christ/Sophia’s desire that each of us move deeper into our own practice of non-violence; and the desperate need to move away from an androcentric conception of God.


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