Lesbian Power Couples Who Changed History!

September 5, 2017

From Autostraddle comes an interesting post about a few historical feminists, all of whom were in relationships we might label as same-sex partnerships.

Read about:

  • Rebecca Perot and Minister Rebecca Cox Jackson, African American leaders in the Shaker movement.
  • Ellen Gates Starr and Jane Addams, who met in seminary and went on to be instrumental in the founding of the Hull House Project in Chicago.
  • Frances Witherspoon and Tracy D. Mygatt, founders of the Bureau of Legal Advice, and organization “considered [to be] the forerunner of the American Civil Liberties Union.”
  • Many more!

Fun read!  Check out “16 Lesbian Power Couples From History Who Got Shit Done, Together.”


Posted by Lē Weaver.


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