Painting Jephthah’s Daughter

January 14, 2014

Angela Yarber of Feminism and Religion notes the contrast between the tragic outcome of Jephthah’s unnamed daughter’s dance to celebrate her father’s victory with the dances Yarber frequently choreographed and performed for her family’s entertainment as a child. Yarber encourages us, as feminists, to use this story as a reminder of our responsibility to get to know the nameless victims and oppressed in our own neighborhoods as we can work to make a difference.

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Kenetha J. Stanton
Kenetha J. Stanton is a writer, artist, and healer who is passionate about the theme of finding beauty in our healed broken places. More of her writing and work can be found on her website, A Kintsugi Life. She also works as Program Manager and Assistant to the Director of the Center for Pastoral Excellence at Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, Indiana.