The Intersectional Pulpit

September 11, 2017

So much to like in this post by Marcia Mount Shoop on her Peace-ing Together blog. As a pastor and a sexual assault survivor, Shoop reflects on preaching, power and healing.

“I was initiated into the world of hostile men and how our culture protects them at an early age. Since then, I have become even wiser to those dynamics. Because my workplace is the church, I’ve become wise to how those dynamics work in the church as well. Power is not a one size fits all reality, it is an intersectional one.”

“The pulpit holds and folds power and identity into the task of preaching good news to the oppressed, truth to power, and freedom to the captives. It is a space of power and vulnerability. It is a space of power IN vulnerability.”

Read “The Pulpit as Intersectional Space: Jesus’ Good News.”


suggested by Peg Conway


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