Come, all sisters

by Scott M. Schönfeldt-Aultman

A photo of a dirt road in what looks to be a scrubby desert and mountain landscape. The sun is setting behind the mountains, the clouds are ominous-looking.

Author’s Note: This is from a set of poems that were written in 1992–3 as fundamentalists were taking over Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Women in ministry was one of the significant issues in the Southern Baptist Convention and much pain and many friends and mentors of mine were directly impacted. This particular poem was inspired by my study of feminist theology and experience with/of women mentors and friends during this volatile time.

Come, all sisters
join our caravan.
Our journey, far from over,
portends our destination.

Hands, different in size and hue;
joining together, raising in protest,
holding tightly to our womanhood, and
pushing against projected normativity.

Creative impulse
seeking redemption.
Opponents of self-destruction,
of deprivation.

Now, finding our way;
Once, lost in life.
In the beginning,
sent forth on the wrong path,
we trod the path of perdition.

Walk with us. Quicken our pace.
We are bound for a promised land –
not like the land once denied us or once our prison –
But a land of harmony, equity, mutuality.

And soon we will cross the border.

Scott M. Schönfeldt-Aultman
Scott M. Schönfeldt-Aultman is a southern-born, San Francisco Bay Area-residing professor at Saint Mary’s College of California, who is trained in Rhetorical Studies & Cultural Studies. He earned a Master of Divinity degree from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and studied theology at McGill University.