First Tomato

by Peg Edera

A photo showing a close-up of three tomatoes on the vine with other tomato plants blurred in the background.

The first tomato ripened

over the weekend

I was too busy to notice.

That is, I think,

close to a sin,

to not raise it up

let it gleam in the sun,

hold it so the light bounces off it.

An offering to the Gods-

but really it is an offering from the Gods,

this orangey yellow ember.

I will pick this

when the first guest arrives today

so I can share the small globe-

I won’t take that glow inside me,

I will give it away

which is the first lesson

of all the great teachings-

See the light

Share the light

Be the light

Peg Edera
Peg Edera’s experience as a Spiritual Director includes teaching at the Embracing the Holy training program at the Urban Spirituality Center in Portland. She is a poet and a Quaker. Peg lives and writes in Portland, Oregon. Her prior work includes Love Is Deeper than Distance and How We Name Thee, Poems of the Motherland.