by Peg Edera

A close-up photograph of crocuses emerging from the earth.

You of the streak of blue cut through
grey billows

You of the brilliant sun slant on
shadowed bamboo,

You of gold sun leaking below splintered
cedar fence

You of the pearl drop
on skeletal tree,

You of rain dance on bathing birds
all flick and flutter

You of the pink petal under
moldy leaf

You of the cat beneath
drooping fern

You, You, You of the poem and
the poet

You of the long way home
by moon and scent,

You the light in fire, the heat in fire,
the spark in us all.

Peg Edera
Peg Edera’s experience as a Spiritual Director includes teaching at the Embracing the Holy training program at the Urban Spirituality Center in Portland. She is a poet and a Quaker. Peg lives and writes in Portland, Oregon. Her prior work includes Love Is Deeper than Distance and How We Name Thee, Poems of the Motherland.