The Temptation of Apologetics

Traditionally, apologetics have been a popular way for theologians and people of faith to support and explain their Scriptural and/or spiritual beliefs. Such apologetic tactics encourage the reader or listener to engage with their own beliefs and understandings in ways that might (hopefully) inspire reevaluation.

However, apologetics may not always be the best way to engage with our belief systems. In today’s Link of the Day, Fr. Shannon Kearns argues that, “Apologetics are a temptation. They tempt us with promises of clear understandings and no questions. They tempt us with promises of easily understood ideas. They tempt us with promises of having it all figured out, leaving no room for doubt. They tempt us because they can line up with whatever we already believe about those people who are not like us. They tempt us because they erase ambiguity?”

Read the full article here on the Queer Theology website.


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