Call Me

by Jennifer Pratt-Walter

A photo of a forest of birch trees in winter, snow is on the ground.

What do you call me when my person-name
is lost between the stars?
Call me Cedar or Gold Birch Woods.
Call me Wetlands, call me Heron-Eye Fixed On Frogs.
Call me Purple And Green, call me First Brave Snowdrop.
Call me Mixolydian Mode or slide me into Glissando.

More names unspool and pool about my head:
call me Crossroads, call me Windchime
or Folded Wings or Swallows At Twilight.
When the old name fails, call me Shy Doe,
call me Firelight or Incense. Call me Basalt Crystal
and Deeply Earth.  Call me Hunger or
Lost Prayer or even Velvet Silence.

Call me Lover Of You, call me
Vast Sanctuary Heart.
Call me Infinite-Only-Love.
Just call me.  I am

Jennifer Pratt-Walter
Jennifer is a Unitarian Universalist Wiccan Crone making her way to understanding the Big Things by scrutinizing the small and overlooked. She has three grown children and a husband. She has been a lifelong resident of Washington state and currently lives in Clark County.