by Brandon James O’Neil

A photo of a church bell tower against a pink tinted background


I saw the conifer—but did not
know it to be a tree—
from the bus window

pointed dark against the sky
it stood taller than the houses

I thought it must be
the steeple of a chapel where
I might go and pray for awhile

Perhaps I am not wrong



A mallard hen webbed
her feet on the window ledge
away from springtime mates

Our meeting was not dismissed
and she watched us skeptical
poised on the in-between

Loudly prayers and hymns praised
a Creator whose handiwork
posed just outside the window

Where two drakes wait and want
nothing but love to leap from
the chapel window into their nests

Brandon James O'Neil
Brandon James O'Neil is a poet and scholar originally from Rochester, Michigan. He has recently relocated to Scottsdale, Arizona after living on Manhattan's Upper West Side.