Mary E. Hunt’s Suggestions for the Synod of Bishops

Monday, October 2, 2023

Dr. Mary E. Hunt, a feminist Catholic theologian, has five suggestions for Pope Francis about the upcoming Synod of Bishops.

“I prefer to think constructively about what might turn a laudable idea flawed by structural problems into a truly historic, world-changing event. That might be expecting a lot from religion in a secular age, but human encounter is human encounter and sometimes it has unexpected results.”

Of the many important suggestions, one is to include a diversity of voices, including women.

“Women are ministering, including sacramentally, and the sun is coming up the next day. What needs to be addressed is how Catholics think about the ordination of anyone. Why not invite some of these women to talk as equals? Some women’s groups (Roman Catholic Women Priests and Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests, for example) have bishops they could send, if anyone were still interested in standing on that ceremony. But a robust conversation with women who wish to serve and have been excommunicated for their willingness to do so would give the often vacuous term ‘discernment’ a good name.”

It’s a great article. Read Mary Hunt’s “5 suggestions to make the pope’s big Synod of Bishops actually mean something” on the National Catholic Reporter website.


Mary E. Hunt will be one of the presenters at CFT’s 50th Anniversary Gathering, “Celebrating Sophia,” in June of 2024. Read more here.



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  1. Dr. Mary E. Hunt’s suggestions for Pope Francis regarding the upcoming Synod of Bishops, particularly the call for a more inclusive and diverse representation of voices, including women, highlight the importance of fostering open dialogue and addressing the evolving roles of women within the Catholic Church. It’s a step toward a more inclusive and progressive approach to faith and leadership.


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