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LGBTQ Elders Meet the Next Generation of Christian Activists

December 18, 2017 There was a great conference held in St. Louis at the end of October you may not have heard about.  The Rolling...
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Disconnected Generations:  #NotHereForTheBoys

Clinton, Steinem, and Albright have devoted their lives to public causes and progress for women, and the thought that none of them may live to see—or in Clinton’s instance, be—the first female president when we are so close to the dream must be a hard pill to swallow.

It’s Not All About Millennials!

"As I witness all this hand-wringing about the millennials and their place in the church, the explanations and apologies and deconstructions, I can’t help but wonder why we assume that middle-aged folks attend church for the inauthentic worship experiences, seeking only an artifice to carry them through Sunday morning. And that the elderly are more intrigued by style than by substance."

The Female Breast: Our Culture’s Obsession and Ambivalence

"It seems we humans can’t make up our minds about whether to think of women’s breasts as natural physical structures designed to provide nourishment for infants, or as distracting and exciting erotic appendages, or as just something else about the human body to be ashamed of—or dissatisfied with."

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

With their sheer numbers and unprecedented consumerism, Baby Boomers are a coveted marketing segment. . . . Now that it’s lucrative to do so, we can finally start having a discussion in pop culture about aging and ageism.

Modeling Christian Feminism, Mentoring Christian Feminists

"Women who refused to accept traditional categories of theology enabled me to examine my beliefs, to re-visit ideas I’d earlier decided to share with no one. Their willingness to challenge the church gave me courage to do so as well. Because of courageous women who reached out to me, I am more confident in my identity as feminist and as Christian."

The Story of Ruth: Twelve Moments in Every Woman’s Life

This is a book of distilled wisdom. For me, the moment called "Aging" was especially poignant. It is certainly part of my life review at this period in my life. Reading and responding to the words here was invigorating. Also challenging.

Growing Old in Christ

I did read this book in its entirety. It was a bit heavy in places, like life. It was filled with the issues I face daily as a physician for older people and as one who is herself aging. If you are reading this, you may well be an aging Christian yourself. You need this book to help you think about how its insights apply to you.

Taking Leaps of Faith

by Jeanne HansonEditors Note: Take a minute and read Jeanne's life story here. She lived a pretty amazing life, well worth reading about.   Why would...
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Meditation on a Pedicure

So as I go through what I now call my three-quarter life crisis, I must be open to dialogue with my physical body. It tells me: “Exercise, Kathy, or you will slowly lose my ability to carry you around, and pay attention to your sleep apnea or you’ll stop breathing. "
Four Keys

Four Keys That Opened My Way to Consciousness

A great part of my joy is the knowing that my open, questioning heart was the key to receiving the answers I sought—that God and I were, and continue to be, co-creators of my life. My journey into consciousness continues every day, and for that I am eternally grateful.
Two Hands Touching

Contemporaneity: “The quality of belonging to the same period of time.”

EEWC, with its mix of young and old and every age in between, and its sense of contemporaneity -- we're all in this together at the same time and place in history and each of us has something to contribute -- provides countless opportunities for demonstrating what it means to be a feminist and Christian at any age.
Mountain Climbing Woman

Climbing the Mountain of Age

Nowadays when I look in the mirror, I see an aging image that is incongruent with my perception of myself. I know my 75-year-old body is steadily "hiking" toward old age and I can't stop it. And it's carrying the real me right along with it!
Letha Dawson Scanzoni and Kimberby B George

Dreaming a Dream, Lighting a Light

Dear Kimberly, Your further thoughts about pride, lookism, racism, and anti-feminist religious teachings were right on the mark! I want to pick up on that...

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