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A lantern decorated in Christmas lights, at sunset

Christian feminists have shared a wide variety of posts about Christmas over the years on Christian Feminism Today.

Scroll down to visit links into many thought-provoking posts, poems, and articles including:

  • Reta Halteman Finger’s Christmas Bible study lessons
  • Letha Dawson Scanzoni’s reflection on her first encounter of religious doubt
  • A FemFaith examination of the so-called “War on Christmas”
  • Moving holiday scenes described through the poetic lens
  • Links into research and inspiring reflections curated by Letha
  • Julia Stronks’ examination of the lack of clarity in the First Amendment when it comes to nativity displays
  • A sermon by Rev. Claire Beutler-Cruise
  • Lē Isaac Weaver’s story of seeking Mary’s wisdom
  • Kathleen Fogarty’s story of a pageant at her church
Sunlight streaming into a dark cave


December 2019 Poetry Selection
I sealed my fate with my yes—
soul sanctified, body broken
confluence overflowing
I am the Lord’s servant
Small Old Camper

The Pastor Delivers a Box of Groceries on Christmas Eve

Christmas, 2018 Poetry Selection
Hail, darling, full of grace
Half grown, half girl, all of eighteen
That night I made pilgrimage to your trailer
Pale, sweaty, stringy blonde hair
Framing your sapphire eyes.
Nativity Scene


Christmas, 2018 Poetry Selection
Young woman, boo-boo healer,
songwriter, wonderful comforter,
mighty good, everlasting Mama,
peasant of peace,
filled with grace and grit

A Christmas Prayer

God of sun and God of snow, we thank you for the grandeur of creation, for the variety that surrounds us, for your limitless creativity.
Virgin Mary Statue with Flowers

Godde Sets the Stage for Each of Us During Christmas

We all stand with Mary today, summoned to an adventure filled with peril and misunderstanding and mystery and unspeakable grief . . . and joy that can turn the whole world upside down!
Christmas greenery and heart garland

A Post of Christmases Past

While Reta Halteman Finger, the author of our Reta’s Reflections Bible study blog, is taking some time off to be with family and friends,  we invite you to revisit two of her earlier Christmas reflections.

Is the New Testament Apocalyptic?

Lesson 3 - “Even though Revelation is the only apocalypse in the New Testament, every other book presupposes an apocalyptic worldview. Beyond the natural, ordinary world that we live in and perceive with our senses, there exists an unseen reality: the one God has a host of good angels who are doing battle with Satan and his demonic followers.

Fear, yearning for security, and the radical message of Christmas

December 21, 2015 In honor of Christmas, today’s Link of the Day is a special “two-for.” Both links help us see how the Christmas message...

Welcome Your Gay Child Home for the Holidays

December 24, 2014 Rob Cottrell,  pleads with conservative parents of LGBTQ children to welcome them home for Christmas. "Your child may not be willing to take the...

Christmas Eve, Incarnation, and Knowing Mary

As the choir sang, and the ministers spoke, and the candles flickered, for the first time I saw Mary in all of it. A young woman in need of a safe place. A young woman denied entrance. A young woman giving birth to the Human One anyway, in an inauspicious tangle of blood, fear, and pain.

What do you most look forward to at Christmas? What do you like...

"Find out how women and men of various age and family income categories, ethnic backgrounds, and religious affiliations answered such questions as these: Is Christmas more a religious or a cultural holiday? Do you attend Christmas religious services? Do you believe Jesus was born of a virgin? "

My First Encounter with Religious Doubt: The Day I Stopped Believing in Santa Claus

"I was trying so hard not to believe, yet I couldn’t let myself believe in my unbelief! Here I was, thinking Santa might not exist, but at the same time I was afraid he was angry with me for doubting his existence. I agonized over what to make of it all."

The Word Became Flesh and Lived among Us

Lesson 16 - "Perhaps one reason I find this analogy meaningful is because I relate to Jesus more as a human and less as a divine figure whose feet rarely touch the ground. Becoming flesh is the point of 'Immanuel—God with us.' Too often Christians see primarily the inaccessible divinity of Jesus, and thus cannot follow him in life. As a result, they miss the point of the downward thrust of Incarnation."

Prayers, Santa, and a Nativity: Government Support of Worldviews

". . . for Christian feminists this concept of pluralism is an important one. We have to decide if we believe that government should make room for a variety of perspectives or if government should be a tool by which one perspective dominates. "

An Epiphany

The Ruler’s life has been irrevocably changed as a result of absorbing Christ’s world view, and his epiphany results as he sees for the first time his position in his own world. The pathology of that position is now clear to him: he sees the poor and their condition, and he sees in their watchfulness that they are Christ’s emissaries to him.

Elizabeth Nordquist shares“wisdom by starlight” for the new year.

Yesterday, many churches celebrated Epiphany, marking the 12th day after Christmas and the visit of the Wise Ones who followed a star to the newborn Jesus. In this reflection from her "A Musing Amma" blog for the Progressive Christian channel on Patheos, Elizabeth Nordquist shares what she calls “a template of questions by which to navigate the fresh, new days ahead.”

The Christmas Story—When Tradition Trumps Text

Lesson 14 - "Ever since the second century, stories embroidering the canonical accounts of Jesus’ birth have become embedded in our celebrations. Every crèche gets so much wrong. Maybe we should worry less about our culture “taking Christ out of Christmas” and more about accurately reading our texts. I’ll warn you ahead of time—there was no stable, no inn, and no innkeeper."

The War on Christmas: Or, Why Some Christians Really Bother Me This Time of...

I am wearied by this manufactured battle to make everyone recognize the reason for the season; by the attempt to make corporations, interested only in their bottom line, profess some kind of fidelity to Christ; by the idea that Christians are a persecuted population in our country; and, most significantly, by the belief that more than any other faiths, Christians should be free to display their religious symbols in government buildings."

Mary Had Twins? Who Knew?

by Kathleen Fogarty Every Christmas for the last thirteen years, I’ve produced a music program at the Quaker school where I teach. We sing Nativity...

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