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Christian Feminism Today 50th Anniversary Gathering Logo on a colorful background. Also says June 20-23, 2024 in Baltimore, Maryland.

2024 Christian Feminism Today Gathering

June 20-23, 2024 Maritime Conference Center near Baltimore, MD “Although She is one, She does all things. Without leaving Herself She renews all things. Generation after...
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Heart Connections for Such a Time as This

In the age of #Metoo and #Timesup, heart connections between women have become ever more vital. We need each other; we are created to crave connection. “In Such a Time as This,” let’s continue our Christian feminist collaboration to create the change we want to see in our world.
Hands and Hearts

To Be Known and Loved by Others

While each plenary and workshop session at the 2018 Gathering sounded the theme of “Standing Up and Speaking Up” in such a time as this, I will remember best the personal relationships that seemed foundational to the speakers’ worldviews.
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Meet Me In St. Louis — And That’s What We Did!

It is evident that Christian Feminism Today allows individuals to ‘come to the table and sit for a while,” all the while gleaning new information, thoughts, and revelations. This conference rewards the attendees through fellowship with others and gaining knowledge of subjects which may not be ordinary but may be faced in extraordinary circumstances.
Power of the Moment

The Power of the Moment

I left the Gathering with a fuller understanding of what speaking truth to power looks like. I came to understand that truth is multifaceted and entails a synthesis of propositional and narrative knowledge. The latter needs intentional cultivation, as it has been stigmatized and devalued due to its association with femininity, whereas propositional knowledge has been valued due to its association with masculinity.
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Building Bridges and Lasting Relationships

This gathering offered a wonderful opportunity for building bridges and lasting relationships in our ongoing collective desire to see and experience more of the Divine Feminine influence in our lives and in our efforts to pursue social justice for marginalized groups. I look forward to future gatherings which promote this delicate balance.

The Story of the 2018 CFT Gathering

On July 26, 2018, we were so excited because we finally got to start our conference in St. Louis. Feminists were flying high (you know, literally, in planes). We told people, “if you aren’t able to come in person this year, have no fear. Granted you’ll miss out on big egalitarian hugs, BUT we have a social media team ready to make you feel like you’re with us in spirit!”
2016 CFT Conference Logo

2016 Christian Feminism Today Gathering

Too, we are committed to equality for all people, believing that God’s gifts are not given through roles but through individual gifts to be developed and celebrated. We strive to show empathy, to create an atmosphere of acceptance and love. We are educated and enjoy being challenged by what we learn.

Developing A Divine Feminine Version (DFV) of the New Testament

"Of course we were confronted with innumerable problems and questions as we worked through the text. We understood that our task had to be about more than simply swapping out a few words and changing some pronouns. "

Christian Feminism for the 21st Century

I’m grateful that in today’s world, we can “have it all”; we can have careers and families—but this also worries me. Are we as feminists not simply buying into another of our culture’s lies, the promise of ever-more, of consumption and waste, of degradation and disposal?"

2014 Christian Feminism Today Gathering

"Let Justice Roll On Like a River!" The Christian Feminism Today 2014 Gathering June 26-29, 2014 in St. Louis, Missouri "But let justice roll on like a...
Mary E. Hunt

Feminist Faith-Based Social Justice

Backlash is a subtle thing. It can result in even the bravest of us stepping back from what we know to be right because the cost is so high—the loss of a job, perhaps, because of principles, or some dreaded implication for our children, who can become pawns and/or casualties in social justice skirmishes.
2012 CFT Gathering Logo

2012 EEWC-CFT Gathering

Christian Feminists from far and wide came together for the 2012 EEWC-CFT Gathering held in Indianapolis, Indiana, from Thursday, June 21 through Sunday, June 24, 2012.
2012 CFT Gathering Logo

2012 EEWC-CFT Gathering Recap

"It was supposed to be just a gathering, a reunion of friends who have worked for biblical feminism for twenty or thirty years—and in the case of some, even forty years. But the 2012 event in Indianapolis turned out to be a power-packed conference with speakers and workshops to rival any of our past landmarks in Pasadena, Seattle, Norfolk, Saratoga Springs, San Francisco, and Chicago."
2004 EEWC Conference Logo

Blessed the Waters That Rise and Fall to Rise Again

If this organization is to survive and persevere; if we as individuals are going to sustain our work of love and justice, we need to know that behind the ebb and flow of waves and water there is a Power, an Energy, a web of Wisdom we call God, creating, empowering, sustaining. "Blessed the waters that rise and fall to rise again."

A Third Wave Feminist Speaks Out

My first conference was one of the only times I have felt positive, inspirational feminist community. Should this privilege be reserved for the few women who discover an EEWC poster and tentatively attend? Should we not be more "out there" with our God-filled organization? Women of EEWC, I ask you to reach out to my generation with your message.
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On Being Evangelical and Ecumenical

Some limit use of the word evangelical and call themselves "biblical feminists" or "Christian feminists," as did the women who published Daughters of Sarah.
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Remembering: Writing EEWC’s Herstory

I recall a friend from San Francisco telling me that one should never write a dissertation on a topic that has personal meaning. I told him that those rules just didn't apply to a feminist person such as myself, but I now understand that such passion invested in a long research and writing project does indeed deplete the body and can stir up surprising emotions.
Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson

Come to the Table

We live in times that need women and men of spirit to be willing to be changed by the table Christ prepares for us. May you return from this conference, from this event, ready to live into that change — for Jesus’ sake and the sake of all who need the realm of God to be embodied on earth.
2010 Conference Logo

The 2010 EEWC-CFT Gathering

I had so much going through my head in the days after the conference. I wanted to let each presenter know how much I appreciated their efforts and their gifts. So instead of writing to each individually, I decided to express my thanks by recapping the events with deep appreciation, while at the same time sharing my experiences with those who could not attend.
2008 EEWC Conference Logo

2008 EEWC Conference

It was an event in the planning for 20 months, so its arrival was anticipated with enthusiasm by those of us on the conference committee. We had put our hearts and souls into every aspect of this conference; and as we prayed together before we left Sharon Bowes’ house to head to the Sheraton Indianapolis City Centre Hotel.
2006 Conference Logo

2006 EEWC Conference

Approximately seventy inclusive biblical feminists gathered at the Hyatt Charlotte Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina, from July 20 to 23 to enjoy speakers, music, workshops, worship, and togetherness.
2004 EEWC Conference Logo

2004 EEWC Conference

Old Testament scholar Phyllis Trible opened the conference with a Thursday evening plenary analysis of texts about Wisdom in Job 28 and Proverbs 1, 8, and 9, while theologian Rosemary Radford Ruether, the Friday evening plenary speaker, helped listeners understand the call of God's people in an age of oppressive globalization.
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2002 EEWC Conference: A View from Backstage and Beyond

by Alena Amato Ruggerio I was too weepy with exultation and exhaustion after the Blessing Circle Sunday morning to really get a sense of how...
2000 EEWC Conference Logo

2000 EEWC Conference

Jubilation was the feeling that swept through me as my daughter and I pulled into the North Park University campus, and were greeted by the huge "Welcome EEWC" banner! After years of planning and visions of how this conference would be, the time had finally arrived.
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1978 EEWC Conference Recap by Diane R. Jepsen

Information-gathering was a valuable part of the conference, as was sharing in small groups, in conversations. Women talked of the relief of being with other women who are serving and trying to deliberately follow Jesus Christ.
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1978 EWC Conference Recap by Nancy Hardesty

It has seemed a long three years since that historic Thanksgiving Evangelical Women's Caucus in Washington, D.C. Yet the Spirit is still at work in our midst. This was evident in Pasadena, California in mid-June when about 900 women and a handful of men met for a conference on "Women and the Ministries of Christ."

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