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Studies in Hermeneutics Series Index

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Reta Halteman Finger continues her Bible study blog, Reta’s Reflections, with a new feature, Studies in Hermeneutics.

Reta says that this new series differs from her earlier studies, which were based on particular books of the Bible. “Rather, this series will deal with the broader issue of hermeneutics, the science of interpretation as it relates to how we understand our Scriptures. The question of how we interpret authoritative texts becomes acute when current social, economic, or political issues divide believers who look to these texts for answers.”

Throughout the series, Reta uses as a case study the “clobber passages” (the verses cited by conservatives to support their view that LGBTQ people are acting against the will of God). By presenting an in-depth look at the historical and cultural context of various scripture texts, she shows how context must be taken into account to grasp each author’s intent,  the original audience’s understandings of the teachings presented, and how various scholars have sometimes translated certain scripture passages within the cultural contexts of their own times.

This is an index of posts in that series.

Biblical Interpretation: Can We Get It Right? – Studies in Hermeneutics—Lesson 1

Is the Bible Divinely Inspired? – Studies in Hermeneutics—Lesson 2

A Brief History of Biblical Inspiration – Studies in Hermeneutics—Lesson 3

Problems with Biblical Inerrancy – Studies in Hermeneutics—Lesson 4

Gender Disputes in Bible Translation – Studies in Hermeneutics—Lesson 5

Different Interpretations—Different Missions – Studies in Hermeneutics—Lesson 6

Can You Read the Signs? Principles of Interpretation – Studies in Hermeneutics—Lesson 7

The Bible and Same-Sex Relationships: Some Resources – Studies in Hermeneutics—Lesson 8

Sliding Down the Slippery Slope—or Climbing Upward? – Studies in Hermeneutics—Lesson 9

Does the Bible Teach Biological Complementarity? – Studies in Hermeneutics—Lesson 10

A Challenge for LGBTQ Biblical Progressives—Studies in Hermeneutics—Lesson 11

Levitical Laws: “Thou shalt not”. . . But why not?—Studies in Hermeneutics—Lesson 12

Sodom’s Sin: What Does the Bible Actually Say? —Studies in Hermeneutics—Lesson 13

The Historical and Literary Setting for Romans 1:24-27 —Studies in Hermeneutics—Lesson 14

Romans 1:24-27 and Pornography: “God gave them up…” —Studies in hermeneutics—Lesson 15

The Love and Sex Lives of Ancient Greeks and Romans —Studies in Hermeneutics—Lesson 16

What Is Natural and Unnatural Sex in Romans 1:24-27? —Studies in Hermeneutics—Lesson 17

Inflammatory Words in Romans 1:24-27 —Studies in Hermeneutics—Lesson 18

“Inheriting the Kingdom of God”—1 Corinthians 6:9-10, 1 Timothy 1:9-10, and Jude 7—
Studies in Hermeneutics—Lesson 19

The Bigger Picture:  Sin as a Moving Target — Studies in Hermeneutics—Lesson 20

“Strenuous Tolerance”:  Can we get along when we don’t agree? — Studies in Hermeneutics—Lesson 21

Conclusion: The ongoing challenge of biblical interpretation — Studies in Hermeneutics—Lesson 22